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下料管 :





助流系统 :





Blanking tube
A feeding tube is non standard coal warehouse and ontology connecting pieces, with wear-resistant plate or stainless steel plate welding system, the aerodynamic gate above expanded form expansion positions, and in the expansion chamber dust receiving tube. The design of the feed pipe is directly related to the stability of the coal feeding system.
The feeding tube is made of DN500 seamless tube into Y tube form, and two negative pressure suction injection devices are set in the tube wall. The injection time and interval time are set according to the field use, and the jet flow is 0.2 ~ 0.4Mpa to dry the oil free compressed air. Y tube of a tube connected to the dust collector.
Fully guarantee the negative pressure of 200~500Pa in the tube. At the same time, the overhaul door is set above the fork of the pipe. When the system is running for a long time, a small amount of pulverized coal is spontaneous or fouling will be attached to the wall of the tube, thus affecting the unobstructed material. The overhauler can clean the fouling through the window to ensure that the material is unobstructed. The feed pipe is connected with a pulverized coal silo and the rubber expansion joint of the body by using a standard convex flange.

Flow aid system
To ensure the stability and continuity of the coal supply in the ration feed plant, the feeding of the coal bin must be smooth, and the powder arch that hinders the normal discharging of the pulverized coal in the bin is mainly a static arch. We use advanced negative pressure suction injection technology to ensure the fluency of the pulverized coal.
First, the dry compressed air is sprayed to the silo, which can play the role of breaking the arch. However, the air blown by the nozzle of the pulverized coal bin can not be discharged in time and effectively, which will cause and aggravate the accumulation of positive pressure air in the pulverized coal bin and the down pipe, and form gas embolism. When the pressure is not enough to break through the pressure of the material layer, the gas will aggregate at the bottom. Only when the pressure is greater than a certain extent or under external force, can it break through the material pressure and get rid of it.
The pulverized coal will fall smoothly, thus forming periodic intermittent blanking, which does not guarantee that the pulverized coal can be output at a constant flow rate. For this reason, we take a certain process to control the connection of each interface by program control, and extract positive pressure gas in the coal silo, eliminating the condition of arch, and ensuring smooth and smooth feeding.




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